Goobay magnetni drzac za telefonce

Sifra: 45389

Brend:  goobay

Goobay magnetni drzac za telefonce (montiranje na prozoru ili sofersajvni)


  • easy to use with one hand; it is easy to attach the smartphone and remove it again
  • the magnetic force of the mount keeps the device securely in place
  • can be locked at 360 degrees for the perfect viewing angle, and individually adjustable
  • comes with small metal plate (rounded/square) to insert between the case and the device; can also be inserted on the back side
  • enables unrestricted access to ports and controls
  • quick to install in the vehicle
Technical specifications
Packaging type
Retail Box
Consumption Unit
1 pc. in cardboard box




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   Individual package size LxWxH: xxmm
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